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     10-2-601. State veterans' cemeteries. (1) The board shall establish and operate state veterans' cemeteries, except as provided in subsection (4).
     (2) A cemetery must be located at Fort William Henry Harrison in Lewis and Clark County, Montana, and at Miles City. A cemetery may be located in Missoula County and in Yellowstone County if funding allows.
     (3) The board may establish additional state veterans' cemeteries only as funding allows.
     (4) (a) The board may designate a veterans' cemetery established pursuant to 7-35-2205 as a state veterans' cemetery if:
     (i) the legislature has authorized the cemetery pursuant to subsection (2) or (3); and
     (ii) the board certifies that the cemetery is operated and maintained under the same standards and interment eligibility criteria as required for a state veterans' cemetery established by the board.
     (b) A cemetery designated under this subsection (4) as a state veterans' cemetery must be recognized and identified as a state veterans' cemetery on official state maps, in other appropriate state publications and websites, and on appropriate state road signs.

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