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     10-3-203. Acceptance of services, gifts, grants, and loans. (1) Whenever the federal government or any agency or officer of the federal government offers to the state, or through the state to any political subdivision of the state, services, equipment, supplies, materials, or funds by way of gift, grant, reimbursement of mutual aid, or loan for purposes of emergency or disaster services, the state, acting through the governor, or the political subdivision, acting through its executive officer or governing body, may accept the offer. Upon the acceptance, the governor of the state or the executive officer or governing body of the political subdivision may authorize any officer of the state or of the political subdivision to receive the services, equipment, supplies, materials, or funds on behalf of the state or political subdivision and subject to the terms of the offer and the rules, if any, of the agency making the offer.
     (2) The funds, items, and services set forth in subsection (1) are statutorily appropriated, as provided in 17-7-502, to the governor for the purposes set forth in subsection (1) or to the department of natural resources and conservation for fire suppression purposes or costs.

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