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     10-3-311. Emergency or disaster expenditures -- restrictions. (1) The governor may authorize the incurring of liabilities and expenses to be paid as other claims against the state from the general fund, in the amount necessary, when an emergency or disaster justifies the expenditure and is declared by the governor, to meet contingencies and needs arising from an emergency or disaster, as defined in 10-3-103, that results in damage to the works, buildings, or property of the state, any political subdivision of the state, or a tribal government or that menaces the health, welfare, safety, lives, or property of any considerable number of persons in any county or community of the state, including an Indian reservation, upon demonstration by the political jurisdiction, including a tribal government, that:
     (a) the political jurisdiction has exhausted all available emergency levies;
     (b) the emergency is beyond the financial capability of the political jurisdiction to respond and for which no appropriation in the affected fund is available in a sufficient amount to meet the emergency or disaster; or
     (c) federal funds available for the emergency or disaster require either matching state funds or specific expenditures prior to eligibility for assistance under federal laws.
     (2) Expenditures for flood-related damages may not be made to assist a political subdivision or tribal government that is sanctioned because it has flood hazard areas identified under the national flood insurance program, parts 59 through 77 of 44 CFR, and does not have in effect adequate regulations for those areas or has failed to enforce regulations required by the national flood insurance program.
     (3) In the event of recovery of money expended pursuant to this section, the spending authority must be reinstated to the level reflecting the recovery.
     (4) The governor is charged with the implementation of the program.
     (5) The administration and development of rules for implementation of this section must be promulgated by the department.

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