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     13-35-301. Adoption of code of fair campaign practices. The following code of fair campaign practices is adopted by Montana:
      "There are basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play that every candidate for public office in the United States has a moral obligation to observe and uphold, in order that, after vigorously contested but fairly conducted campaigns, our citizens may exercise their constitutional right to a free and untrammeled choice and the will of the people may be fully and clearly expressed on the issues before the country. Therefore:
      I will conduct my campaign in the best American tradition, discussing the issues as I see them, presenting my record and policies with sincerity and frankness, and criticizing without fear or favor the record and policies of my opponent and my opponent's party that merit such criticism.
      I will defend and uphold the right of every qualified American voter to full and equal participation in the electoral process.
      I will conduct my campaign without the use of personal vilification, character defamation, whispering campaigns, libel, slander, or scurrilous attacks on my opposition or my opposition's personal or family life.
      I will not use campaign material of any sort that misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies the facts, nor will I use malicious or unfounded accusations that aim at creating or exploiting doubts, without justification, as to the loyalty and patriotism of my opposition.
      I will not make any appeal to prejudice based on race, sex, creed, or national origin.
      I will not undertake or condone any dishonest or unethical practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our American system of free elections or that hampers or prevents the full and free expression of the will of the voters.
      Insofar as is possible, I will immediately and publicly repudiate support deriving from any individual or group that resorts, on behalf of my candidacy or in opposition to that of my opponent, to the methods and tactics that I have pledged not to use or condone."

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 475, L. 1979; amd. Sec. 101, Ch. 56, L. 2009.

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