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     15-24-925. Reimbursement to department -- transmission of fees to state. (1) The department may withhold 2% of the money received under 15-24-921 as reimbursement for the collection of the fee on livestock unless a different percentage of money to be withheld is mutually agreed upon by the department and the department of livestock on an annual basis.
     (2) The department shall designate the amount received from the fee imposed on sheep and the amount received from the fee imposed on all other livestock and shall specify the separate amounts in the report to the department of livestock. The money, when received by the department, must be deposited in an account in the special revenue fund to the credit of the department of livestock. The money in the account must be kept separate from other funds received by the department of livestock. Interest earned on money in the account must be deposited in the account.
     (3) The amount of $350,000 is transferred from the state special revenue account in subsection (2) to the predatory animal special revenue account provided for in 81-7-106 in each fiscal year.

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