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     15-62-302. Temporary savings account program. (1) If the board offers an investment product of certificates of deposit or bank savings accounts insured by the federal deposit insurance corporation, the board may provide for the holding of those investment products by a financial institution as trust accounts for the account owner without being part of the participating trust arrangement for the trust.
     (2) Certificates of deposit and bank savings accounts not held as part of the trust are to be held as trust accounts under conditions set by the board based on, as applicable, conditions required for participating trust accounts under this chapter. The provisions of this chapter that apply to reporting, holding, management, and other administrative and tax consequences of a participating trust account of the family savings trust apply to trust accounts under this section.
     (3) If trust accounts have been established under subsection (2) and the board determines that it would be in the best interest of the program for those accounts to become part of the family education savings trust, the board may merge the trust accounts established under subsection (2) into the trust. The board shall establish a transfer date. The board shall give at least 90 days' notice to owners of trust accounts established under subsection (2) of the intent to merge and a description of the options available to an account owner upon merger. Each owner of a trust account established under subsection (2) may execute a participating trust agreement and have the title to the owner's trust account that is held by a financial institution transferred to the trust and to a participating trust corresponding to an account for the account owner. On the transfer date, all accounts not transferred by account owners must be transferred by the board to the trust and placed in participating trusts corresponding to accounts and each owner whose account has been transferred is considered to have consented to and be bound by the participating trust agreement and to the transfer of the account.

     History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 549, L. 2005.

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