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     16-4-1103. Enforcement -- penalty -- rulemaking. (1) Subject to a right to a hearing and the appeal process provided by the Montana Administrative Procedure Act in Title 2, chapter 4, the department may enforce the requirements of this part by suspending or revoking the direct shipment endorsement or imposing a civil penalty not to exceed $1,500.
     (2) A winery that has a direct shipment endorsement is considered to have consented to the jurisdiction of the department or any other state agency and the Montana courts concerning enforcement of this part and related rules or regulations.
     (3) The owner of a winery is guilty of a misdemeanor if the winery makes a direct shipment without having a direct shipment endorsement.
     (4) The department may adopt rules to implement this part.

     History: En. Sec. 3, Ch. 184, L. 2013.

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