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     16-4-202. Resort retail all-beverages licenses. (1) It is the intent and purpose of this section to encourage the growth of quality recreational resort facilities in undeveloped areas of the state and to provide for the orderly growth of existing recreational sites by the establishment of resort areas within which retail all-beverages licenses may be issued by the department under the terms of this section. In addition to the licenses set forth in this code, the department may issue one resort retail all-beverages license for the first 100 accommodation units and an additional license for each additional 50 accommodation units in a resort area. Regardless of how many resort area all-beverages licenses are issued, no more than 20 gambling machine permits may be issued for the resort area.
     (2) (a) For the purposes of this section, "resort area" means a recreational facility meeting the qualifications determined by the department and as otherwise provided in this section.
     (b) The term does not include any land or improvements that lie wholly within the boundaries of a quota area as described in 16-4-201(1).
     (3) The department shall determine that the area for which licenses are to be issued is a resort area pursuant to rules.
     (4) (a) In addition to the other requirements of this code, a resort area, for the purposes of qualification for the issuance of a resort retail all-beverages license, must:
     (i) have a current actual valuation of resort or recreational facilities, including land and improvements, of not less than $500,000, at least half of which valuation must be for a structure or structures within the resort area;
     (ii) be under the sole ownership or control of one person or entity at the time of the filing of the resort area plat referred to in subsection (5);
     (iii) contain a minimum of 50 acres of land;
     (iv) contain a minimum of 100 overnight guest accommodation units, each unit capable of being separately locked by the occupants and containing sleeping, bath, and toilet facilities; and
     (v) provide on the grounds of the resort the recreational facilities that warrant the resort designation being granted.
     (b) For the purposes of this section, "control" means land or improvements that are owned or that are held under contract, lease, option, or permit.
     (5) The resort area must be determined by the resort area developer or landowner by a plat setting forth the resort area boundaries and designating the ownership of the lands within the resort area. The plat must be verified by the resort area developer or landowner and must be filed with the department prior to the filing of any applications for resort retail all-beverages licenses within the resort area. The plat must show the location and general design of the buildings and other improvements existing or to be built in the resort area. A master plan for the development of the resort area may be filed by the resort area developer in satisfaction of this section.
     (6) Within 7 days after the plat is filed, the department shall schedule a public hearing to be held in the proposed area to determine whether the facility proposed by the resort area developer or landowner is a resort area. At least 30 days prior to the date of the hearing, the department shall publish notice of the hearing in a newspaper published in the county or counties in which the resort area is located, once a week for 4 consecutive weeks. The notice must include a description of the proposed resort area. Each resort area developer or landowner shall, at the time of filing an application, pay to the department an amount sufficient to cover the costs of publication.
     (7) Any person may present, in person or in writing, a statement to the department at the hearing in opposition to or support of the plat.
     (8) Within 30 days after the hearing, the department shall accept or reject the plat. If the plat is rejected, the department shall state its reasons and set forth the conditions, if any, under which the plat will be accepted. The decision of the department may be reviewed pursuant to the review procedure set forth in 16-4-406.
     (9) Once filed with the department, the boundaries of a resort area may not be changed without:
     (a) a hearing, noticed and conducted in the same manner as provided in subsections (6) and (7); and
     (b) the prior approval of the department, determined according to public convenience and necessity.
     (10) (a) When the department has accepted a plat and a given resort area has been determined, applications may be filed with the department for the issuance of resort retail all-beverages licenses within the resort area.
     (b) Each applicant shall submit plans showing the location, appearance, and floor plan of the premises for which application for a resort retail all-beverages license is made.
     (c) If an applicant otherwise qualifies for a resort retail all-beverages license but the premises to be licensed are still in construction or are otherwise incomplete at the time that application is made, the department shall issue a letter stating that the license will be issued at the time that the qualifications for a licensed premises have been met. The letter must set forth specific time limitations and requirements that the department may establish.
     (11) In addition to the restrictions on sale or transfer of a license as provided in 16-4-204 and 16-4-404, a resort retail all-beverages license may not be sold or transferred for operation at a location outside of the boundaries of the resort area.
     (12) A resort retail all-beverages license is not subject to the quota limitations set forth in 16-4-201, and if the requirements of this section have been met, a resort retail all-beverages license must be issued by the department on the basis that the department has determined that the license is justified by public convenience and necessity, in accordance with the procedure required in 16-4-207.

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