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     17-6-205. Long-term investment of local government funds. (1) The governing body of any city, county, school district, or other local government unit or political subdivision may participate in the various investment pools or other investments offered by the board of investments not otherwise prohibited by law.
     (2) A local government may invest with the board of investments under this section if:
     (a) the source of the original principal for investment with the board is from an identifiable action or event such as a legal settlement, judgment, bequest, insurance settlement, trust fund, or other one-time source of funds;
     (b) the local government does not anticipate the need to expend 50% or more of the original principal for investment within 5 years from the initial investment with the board;
     (c) the initial investment is at least $10 million; and
     (d) the local government agrees to the board's investment policies, including those addressing liquidity needs, risk and return considerations, asset allocation, permissible investments, and any other necessary investment considerations or limits.
     (3) The board of investments is not obligated to accept any funds for investment under this section. No local government is obligated to invest with the board under this section.

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 84, L. 2015.

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