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     17-8-102. Expenditure procedures -- quarterly allotment system. (1) The department may establish procedures necessary to ensure that expenditures are made and accounted for in accordance with the budget plan authorized by the legislature in the enactment of the appropriations, including but not limited to procedures to accrue expenses incurred in one fiscal period and paid in a subsequent fiscal period and procedures for the issuance of purchase orders or contracts to be paid from succeeding year appropriations that will become available within 3 months from the date of the issuance of the purchase order or contract.
     (2) The budget director may, when authorized by the governor, require a quarterly allotment system of expenditure for any office, institution, or agency. The amount of the respective appropriation made by the legislature shall then, except with respect to items of capital outlay and repairs and replacement through the long-range building program, be made available to the office, institution, or agency in quarterly allotments. However, the quarterly allotment shall be based on the requirements of that office, institution, or agency during that quarter based on previous experience of that office, institution, or agency and not on a prorated quarterly basis.

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