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     18-2-417. Wage rate adjustments for multiyear contracts. (1) Any public works contract that by the terms of the original contract calls for more than 30 months to fully perform must include a provision to adjust, as provided in subsection (2), the standard prevailing rate of wages to be paid to the workers performing the contract.
     (2) The standard prevailing rate of wages paid to workers under a contract subject to this section must be adjusted 12 months after the date of the award of the public works contract. The amount of the adjustment must be a 3% increase. The adjustment must be made and applied every 12 months for the term of the contract.
     (3) Any increase in the standard rate of prevailing wages for workers under this section is the sole responsibility of the contractor and any subcontractors and not the contracting agency.

     History: En. Sec. 5, Ch. 277, L. 2009.

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