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     18-7-411. County printing contract. (1) The county commissioners shall contract for all advertising required by law and all printed forms required by the county. The advertising required by law must be awarded to a newspaper that:
     (a) is published in the county;
     (b) has general circulation;
     (c) has been published continuously at least once a week in the county for the 12 months preceding the awarding of the contract; and
     (d) prior to July 1 of each year, has submitted to the clerk and recorder a sworn statement that includes:
     (i) circulation for the prior 12 months;
     (ii) a statement of net distribution;
     (iii) itemization of the circulation that is paid and that is free; and
     (iv) the method of distribution.
     (2) A newsletter or other document produced or published by the local government unit is not considered a newspaper that has general circulation as provided in subsection (1).
     (3) Contracts for printed forms and materials may be awarded on an annual basis or may be awarded for a specific printing job.
     (4) (a) The county clerk and recorder shall maintain a list of willing bidders for county printing and shall notify the printing establishments on the list of any call for bids.
     (b) A printing establishment must be added to the county clerk and recorder's list when the clerk and recorder receives a written request from the printing establishment.
     (c) The county clerk and recorder may delete the name of any printing establishment from the list if it has not submitted a bid during the previous 365 days.

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