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     19-19-205. Actuarial valuation of police retirement fund. (1) The city treasurer shall submit to the public employees' retirement board before September 1 of each odd-numbered year all information requested by the public employees' retirement board necessary to complete an actuarial valuation of the city's police retirement fund. The valuation must consider the actuarial soundness of the police retirement fund for the 2 preceding fiscal years.
     (2) The valuation must be prepared by a qualified actuary selected by the public employees' retirement board. A qualified actuary is a member of the American academy of actuaries or of any organization considered by the department to have similar standards.
     (3) In each fiscal year in which an actuarial valuation is prepared, the public employees' retirement board shall submit to the state treasurer a request for payment of the expense incurred in securing the actuarial valuation. The expense may not exceed $6,000 in any fiscal year. The state treasurer shall make payment to the actuary from the general fund.

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