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     19-20-603. Withdrawal of accumulated contributions -- options. An inactive member electing to do so or a person whose membership terminates without a prospect or anticipation that the member will return to work for an employer within 60 days of termination may withdraw the member's accumulated contributions from the annuity savings account in the retirement system in accordance with the following provisions:
     (1) An inactive member under the provisions of 19-20-303(1) or (3) may elect, without right of revocation, to withdraw the member's accumulated contributions. If the member does not withdraw the accumulated contributions, the member remains an inactive member of the retirement system with the right to qualify for its benefits.
     (2) Upon recovery from a disabling illness or separation from the armed forces, a person qualifying as an inactive member under the provisions of 19-20-303(2) may withdraw the member's accumulated contributions unless the member returns to active membership.
     (3) Upon written application to the board, a terminating member may have the payment of all or any portion of the member's accumulated contributions rolled over or transferred into another eligible retirement plan or a Roth IRA, provided for under 26 U.S.C. 408A, designated by the member. The portion not rolled over or transferred must be paid directly to the terminating member. The board shall provide forms for filing the written application. The terminating member is responsible for correctly designating an account or plan eligible to receive the tax-deferred amount in order to continue the tax-deferred status of the amount. To the extent required by section 401(a)(31) of the Internal Revenue Code, the board shall allow members and qualified beneficiaries to elect a direct rollover of eligible distributions to another eligible retirement plan.
     (4) If a nonvested member terminates with accumulated contributions of less than $200, the board shall pay the accumulated contributions in a lump sum as soon as administratively feasible without a written application from the member unless there is a return to service. Upon the payment of accumulated contributions, the member is considered to have withdrawn from the system.

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