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     2-15-135. Rights and duties under existing transactions. The rights, privileges, and duties of the holders of bonds and other obligations issued and of the parties to contracts, leases, indentures, and other transactions entered into before the effective date of a transfer of functions by a reorganization within the executive branch, by the state or by any agency, officer, or employee thereof, and covenants and agreements as set forth therein remain in effect, and none of those rights, privileges, duties, covenants, or agreements are impaired or diminished by reason of the transfer of the functions of an agency or the abolition of an agency. The department or unit which succeeds to the functions of an agency is substituted for that agency and succeeds to its rights and duties under the provisions of those bonds, contracts, leases, indentures, and other transactions.

     History: En. 82A-120 by Sec. 1, Ch. 272, L. 1971; amd. Sec. 18, Ch. 358, L. 1973; R.C.M. 1947, 82A-120; amd. Sec. 6, Ch. 575, L. 1981.

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