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     2-15-1524. Governor's postsecondary scholarship advisory council -- terms. (1) There is a three-member governor's postsecondary scholarship advisory council appointed by the governor.
     (2) Members shall serve staggered 3-year terms and must include:
     (a) at least one member with experience in financial aid at a postsecondary institution; and
     (b) at least one member with experience in secondary or postsecondary education.
     (3) A presiding officer must be selected by the council from among its membership at the first meeting of the council.
     (4) The council shall:
     (a) advise the board on issues related to the governor's postsecondary scholarship program and other student assistance programs; and
     (b) report to the governor annually or at any time upon request by the governor.
     (5) The council is attached to the commissioner of higher education for administrative purposes only, as provided in 2-15-121, and members are entitled to compensation as provided in 2-15-122(5).

     History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 489, L. 2005.

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