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     2-15-237. Purpose. (1) The purpose of the treasure state living cultural treasures program is to preserve the historical traditions and culture of Montana by honoring those who actively practice and preserve the skills and knowledge of Montana's culture. The program is intended to honor those who have devoted their energies to carrying forward the skills of the past and preserving the traditions and, in doing so, exemplify the vitality, variety, and excellence of Montana's culture. Montana and the surrounding region have a unique western culture that has developed from living in a sometimes harsh and always variable climate and from creating beauty and recreation from the tasks of ordinary life.
     (2) Montana culture includes the forms in which the common culture of Montana manifests itself, such as in traditional music, arts and crafts, survival skills, cooking, occupational skills, storytelling, ritual and custom, and a myriad of Montana cultural and traditional artistic expressions. The most important elements of Montana's history and culture have been passed on through the generations by Montanans who pursue traditional occupations and create beauty in their everyday life.
     (3) Montana's culture is a blend of native, ethnic, racial, occupational, and regional traditions that sometimes coexist and sometimes blend, including traditionally masculine and feminine domains that together create a many-faceted culture within the state.

     History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 294, L. 1995.

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