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     2-17-514. Department -- enforcement responsibilities. (1) If the department determines that an agency is not in compliance with the state strategic information technology plan provided for in 2-17-521, the agency information technology plan provided for in 2-17-523, or the statewide information technology policies and standards provided for in 2-17-512, the department may cancel or modify any contract, project, or activity that is not in compliance.
     (2) Prior to taking action provided for in subsection (1), the department shall review with the board any activities that are not in compliance.
     (3) Any contract entered into by an agency that includes information technology resources must include language developed by the department that references the department's enforcement responsibilities provided for in subsection (1). A contract that does not contain the required language is considered to be in violation of state law and is voidable pursuant to subsection (1). The language developed by the department may not be varied pursuant to 18-4-224.

     History: En. Sec. 8, Ch. 313, L. 2001.

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