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     2-17-521. State strategic information technology plan -- biennial report. (1) The department shall prepare a state strategic information technology plan. The department shall seek the advice of the board in the development of the plan.
     (2) The plan must:
     (a) reflect the policies as set forth in 2-17-505 and be in accordance with statewide standards and policies established by the department;
     (b) establish the statewide mission, goals, and objectives for the use of information technology, including goals for electronic access to government records, information, and services; and
     (c) establish the strategic direction for how state agencies will develop and use information technology resources to provide state government services.
     (3) The department shall update the plan as necessary. The plan and any updates must be distributed as provided in 2-17-522.
     (4) The department shall prepare a biennial report on information technology based on agency information technology plans and performance reports required under 2-17-524 and other information considered appropriate by the department. The biennial report must include:
     (a) an analysis of the state's information technology infrastructure, including its value, condition, and capacity;
     (b) an evaluation of performance relating to information technology;
     (c) an assessment of progress made toward implementing the state strategic information technology plan;
     (d) an inventory of state information services, equipment, and proprietary software;
     (e) agency budget requests for major projects; and
     (f) other information as determined by the department or requested by the governor or the legislature.

     History: En. Sec. 13, Ch. 313, L. 2001.

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