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     2-17-601. Statement of purpose -- policy. (1) The legislature recognizes that access to affordable, high-speed internet services is critical to the state's economic future and that the planning, development, and delivery of quality internet services should be a coordinated effort among state government, local governments, and private enterprise.
     (2) It is the policy of this state to:
     (a) recognize that private sector enterprises engaged in the delivery of internet access and related services should have an opportunity to provide those services without undue interference or competition from the state or its political subdivisions; and
     (b) encourage agencies and political subdivisions to publicly announce requirements for internet services and negotiate contracts for internet access with private enterprise to ensure that innovative technology is available to serve the public's needs at the most fair and reasonable cost.

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 547, L. 2001.

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