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     2-17-816. Parking citations within capitol complex. The director of the department of administration may enter into an agreement with the city of Helena, Montana, to authorize capitol security guards employed by the department to issue citations for parking violations as defined by state or municipal laws that occur within the boundaries of the capitol complex or on streets or alleys contiguous to the capitol complex. All citations must be considered within the jurisdiction of the city of Helena, Montana, and must be handled in the same manner as citations issued by peace officers of the city.

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 337, L. 1985; Sec. 2-17-113, MCA 1995; redes. 2-17-816 by Sec. 9, Ch. 476, L. 1997; amd. Sec. 119, Ch. 61, L. 2007.

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