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     2-4-402. Powers of committees -- duty to review rules. (1) The administrative rule review committees shall review all proposed rules filed with the secretary of state.
     (2) The appropriate administrative rule review committee may:
     (a) request and obtain an agency's rulemaking records for the purpose of reviewing compliance with 2-4-305;
     (b) prepare written recommendations for the adoption, amendment, or rejection of a rule and submit those recommendations to the department proposing the rule and submit oral or written testimony at a rulemaking hearing;
     (c) require that a rulemaking hearing be held in accordance with the provisions of 2-4-302 through 2-4-305;
     (d) institute, intervene in, or otherwise participate in proceedings involving this chapter in the state and federal courts and administrative agencies;
     (e) review the incidence and conduct of administrative proceedings under this chapter.

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