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     2-6-1103. Agency records management duties. Each department head shall administer the executive branch agency's records management function and shall:
     (1) coordinate all aspects of the agency records management function in accordance with procedures prescribed by the secretary of state and the state records committee;
     (2) analyze records inventory data and examine and compare all inventories within the agency to minimize duplication of records;
     (3) review and approve records disposal requests for submission to the retention and disposition subcommittee;
     (4) review established records retention schedules to ensure they are complete and current and make recommendations to the secretary of state and the state records committee regarding minimal retentions for all copies of public records within the agency;
     (5) incorporate records management requirements into the agency information technology plan provided for in 2-17-523;
     (6) ensure that all agency employees receive appropriate and ongoing records management training; and
     (7) after considering guidance from the state records committee regarding records manager qualifications, officially designate a qualified agency records manager to manage the functions provided for in this section.

     History: En. Sec. 21, Ch. 348, L. 2015.

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