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     2-8-402. Intent to create new board. (1) A bill draft request to create a licensing board must include a letter of intent not exceeding 1,000 words that addresses the criteria in subsections (2) and (3).
     (2) The letter of intent must contain the following descriptions:
     (a) how licensing would protect and benefit the public and, in particular, how the unregulated practice of the profession or occupation would pose a hazard to public health, safety, or welfare or the common good;
     (b) the extent of practitioners' autonomy, as indicated by the degree of independent judgment that a practitioner may exercise or the extent of skill or experience required in making the independent judgment;
     (c) the distinguishable scope of practice;
     (d) the overlap or shared practices with an existing, licensed profession or occupation;
     (e) the degree, if any, to which licensing would restrict entry into the profession or occupation for reasons other than public health, safety, or welfare or the common good;
     (f) the specialized skills or training required for the profession or occupation;
     (g) the proposed qualifications for licensure;
     (h) whether a licensure exception would be provided to existing practitioners and whether those eligible for the exception would be required to meet proposed qualifications at a certain time;
     (i) a list of other states that license the profession or occupation;
     (j) regulatory alternatives other than licensing that are available to the practitioners of the profession or occupation; and
     (k) previous efforts, if any, to regulate the profession or occupation.
     (3) In order to help in the determination of licensing costs, the letter of intent must contain a good faith effort to provide answers to the following questions:
     (a) how many licensees are anticipated, including the number of practitioners in Montana;
     (b) what is the proposed makeup of the licensing board; and
     (c) what are the projected annual licensing fees based on information from the department of labor and industry for all costs associated with a board of the projected size.
     (4) After receiving a copy of the responses to subsections (2), (3)(a), and (3)(b), the department of labor and industry shall assist those developing the letter of intent under 2-8-403 or this section with the responses to subsection (3)(c) of this section.
     (5) For the purposes of this section, a letter of intent is a public record.

     History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 64, L. 2007.

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