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     20-26-605. Eligibility requirements -- renewals -- limited appeals. (1) Scholarships must be awarded under the governor's postsecondary scholarship program in accordance with the eligibility requirements of this section and pursuant to policies and procedures established by the board pursuant to 20-26-602 and this section.
     (2) To be eligible to receive a scholarship, a student must be a Montana resident eligible for in-state tuition as determined by board policy.
     (3) To be eligible to receive a merit-based scholarship, a student must have attained a minimum grade point average or numerical score on a standardized college admission test as prescribed by board policy.
     (4) To be eligible to receive a need-based scholarship, a student must complete the standard free application for federal student aid form and the student's expected family contributions may not exceed the cost of attendance at the postsecondary institution that the student expects to attend.
     (5) Scholarships must be awarded to students seeking their first certificate or their 2-year or 4-year degree at a postsecondary institution.
     (6) Scholarships may be renewed in accordance with board policy. The policy must include proof of satisfactory academic performance.
     (7) Scholarships may be terminated in accordance with board policy.
     (8) The board shall establish policies and procedures:
     (a) to allow a student to transfer from one postsecondary institution to another without loss of the scholarship; and
     (b) to ensure compliance with 20-26-606(3) if a student transfers from a postsecondary institution to a Montana private college.
     (9) A scholarship recipient's right to receive other financial aid, awards, and scholarships may be limited as required by federal or state law or board policy.
     (10) A student is ineligible to receive a scholarship under the governor's postsecondary scholarship program if the student:
     (a) has been awarded a Montana university system honor scholarship;
     (b) has failed to meet the federal Title IV selective service registration requirements;
     (c) is in default on a Title IV or state of Montana educational loan or owes a refund to a federal Title IV or state of Montana student financial aid program; or
     (d) is incarcerated. Upon release, the student may begin receiving scholarship payments if the student meets all other eligibility requirements. If approved by the board, credits earned during incarceration may be counted toward eligibility.
     (11) (a) Except as provided in subsection (11)(b), scholarship awards are not subject to appeal.
     (b) A student may appeal the termination of a scholarship based on extenuating circumstances in accordance with board policy.

     History: En. Sec. 24, Ch. 1, Sp. L. May 2007; amd. Sec. 9, Ch. 385, L. 2015.

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