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     22-2-406. Administration -- selection of works of art. (1) The Montana arts council is primarily responsible for the administration of this part. The council shall:
     (a) submit its recommendations to the architecture and engineering division of the department of administration for inclusion in the report required by Title 17, chapter 7, part 2, concerning the appropriateness of any building for the inclusion of works of art, a description of the types of works of art suggested for inclusion in the building, and the anticipated costs of acquisition, maintenance, and administrative expenses associated with the suggested works of art;
     (b) appoint a three-member screening committee for each new state building to recommend artists to be commissioned or completed works of art to be purchased. The committee consists of the project architect or the architect's designee, a professional artist, and a representative from the user agency who is a resident of the community in which the new state building is to be constructed.
     (c) select, commission the artist for, review the design, execution, and placement of, and finally accept all works of art. The Montana arts council shall consult with the screening committee in fulfilling the requirements of this subsection (1)(c).
     (d) assist in contract negotiations with artists who are selected;
     (e) ensure that works of art acquired for display under the provisions of this part are displayed in a manner that they are in public view;
     (f) ensure that each work of art is properly maintained and may use the funds provided for in 22-2-404 or any other funds available for maintenance; and
     (g) maintain a close working relationship with the artist throughout each project.
     (2) A payment may not be made to any artist for works of art under this part without prior authorization of the Montana arts council.

     History: En. Sec. 6, Ch. 552, L. 1983; amd. Sec. 354, Ch. 56, L. 2009.

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