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     25-14-101. Debtor to answer concerning debtor's property when execution unsatisfied. When an execution against property of the judgment debtor or of any one of several debtors in the same judgment, issued to a levying officer or the sheriff of the county where the judgment debtor resides or, if the judgment debtor does not reside in this state, to a levying officer or the sheriff of the county where the judgment is docketed, is returned unsatisfied in whole or in part, the judgment creditor, at any time after the return is made, is entitled to an order from a judge of the court requiring the judgment debtor to appear and answer concerning the judgment debtor's property before the judge or a referee appointed by the judge at a time and place specified in the order. However, a judgment debtor who is a state resident may not be required to attend before a judge or referee outside the county in which the judgment debtor resides.

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