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     Rule 9. Juror Questionnaire.
      All jurors are requested to complete a questionnaire, the form of which is on file with the clerk in his/her general order file and which contains basic vital statistics and other pertinent information. The completed forms will only be available to the parties, the attorneys for the parties, judges and court employees. Others requesting the completed forms must file a Request for Privacy Information with the court. The jury questionnaire will be destroyed by the clerk's office within a reasonable length of time after the conclusion of the jury term.

     History: En. Sup. Ct. Ord. May 29, 1987, eff. June 1, 1987; amd. Sup. Ct. Ord. Aug. 20, 2008, eff. Aug. 20, 2008; amd. Sup. Ct. Ord. Sept. 10, 2008, eff. Sept. 10, 2008; amd. Sup. Ct. Ord. No. AF 07-0110, March 15, 2011, eff. Oct. 1, 2011.

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