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     Rule 18. Jury.
      A. NUMBER OF JURORS. A jury in a justice or city court consists of six persons, but the parties may agree to fewer than six.
      B. IMPANELING. The jury in a civil action in justice or city court must be impaneled as provided in 25-7-202 through 25-7-209 and 25-7-221 through 25-7-224. Where the words "clerk" or "district court" occur in those sections, the words refer to the justice or city court in application under this rule.
      C. SICKNESS OF JUROR. If a juror becomes sick and is unable to perform the juror's duty after impaneling of the jury but before verdict, the judge may order the juror discharged and proceed with the other jurors, swear in an alternate juror, continue the case, or discharge the jury and impanel a new jury.
      D. PREVENTION OF JURY FROM GIVING VERDICT. When a jury is discharged or prevented from giving a verdict by reason of accident or other cause during the course of the trial, the judge may try the action with another jury again at a future time.

     History: En. Sup. Ct. Ord. February 9, 1990, eff. June 1, 1990.

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