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     25-7-206. Procedure when insufficient number attend. (1) If a sufficient number of jurors drawn and notified do not attend to form a jury, the judge or the jury commissioner, pursuant to an order of the court to be entered in the minutes, shall, in the presence of two witnesses, draw a sufficient number of ballots from the box to complete the jury. The sheriff shall notify the persons thus drawn to attend immediately or at a time fixed by court. If for any reason a sufficient number of jurors to try the issue is not obtained from the persons notified, the court may make or order further drawings until a sufficient number is obtained.
     (2) Each person notified shall attend at the time required by the notice and, unless excused by the court or set aside, shall serve as a juror upon the trial. For a neglect or refusal to do so, the person may be fined in the same manner as any other trial juror regularly drawn and notified. The person is subject to the same exceptions and challenges as any other trial juror.

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