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     3-11-101. City court established -- city court of record. (1) A city court is established in each city or town. A city judge shall establish regular sessions of the court. On judicial days, the court must be open for all business, civil and criminal. On nonjudicial days, as defined in 3-1-302, the court may transact criminal business only.
     (2) A city may establish the city court as a court of record. If the city court is established as a court of record, it must be known as a "city court of record". The court's proceedings must be recorded by electronic recording or stenographic transcription, and all papers filed in a proceeding must be included in the record. A city court of record may be established by a resolution of the city commissioners or pursuant to 7-5-131 through 7-5-135 and 7-5-137.

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