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     30-13-202. Registration of assumed business name -- when prohibited -- contest procedure -- rulemaking authority. (1) When an application for registration or amendment to the registration of an assumed business name contains an assumed business name that is the same as or not distinguishable on the record from an assumed business name already registered or from any corporate name, limited partnership name, limited liability company name, limited liability partnership name, trademark, or service mark registered or reserved with the secretary of state, the secretary of state may not register the assumed business name for which application is made.
     (2) An applicant for an assumed business name may not use a business name identifier that incorrectly states the type of entity that it is or incorrectly implies that it is a type of entity other than the type of entity that it is.
     (3) A person doing business in this state may contest the registration of an assumed business name by following the procedures set forth in 35-1-310.
     (4) The secretary of state may adopt rules to implement the provisions of this chapter that assign duties to the secretary of state.

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