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     32-2-242. Capital stock association -- surplus fund -- verification statement. (1) In addition to the minimum capital required, the subscribers shall pay an amount equal to not less than 25% of the par or initially stated value of the stock subscribed, which shall be credited to paid-in surplus and may be used to offset losses. The minimum capital and surplus may be used for the reserves required by law and as may be permitted by the board of directors.
     (2) Prior to the issuance of a certificate by the department, the incorporators of a proposed association shall file with the department a statement in the form and containing supporting data and proof as the department may require. The statement shall verify that the entire capital and paid-in surplus has been unconditionally paid in and that the funds representing the capital and paid-in surplus, less amounts of the paid-in surplus expended for land, building, supplies, fixtures, equipment, and organization, are on hand.

     History: En. Sec. 31, Ch. 5, L. 1983.

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