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     33-2-1111. Registration of insurers -- requisites -- termination. (1) (a) An insurer authorized to do business in this state that is a member of an insurance holding company system shall register with the commissioner, except that a foreign insurer subject to disclosure requirements and standards adopted by statute or regulation in the jurisdiction of its domicile that are substantially similar to those contained in this section is not required to register.
     (b) Any insurer subject to registration under this section shall register within 15 days after becoming subject to registration, unless the commissioner for good cause extends the time for registration.
     (c) The commissioner may require any authorized insurer that is a member of a holding company system that is not subject to registration under this section to furnish a copy of the registration statement or other information filed by the insurance company with the insurance regulatory authority in the jurisdiction where the company is domiciled.
     (2) An insurer subject to registration shall file with the commissioner, on or before April 30 each year, a registration statement on a form provided by the commissioner that must contain current information about:
     (a) the capital structure, general financial condition, ownership, and management of the insurer and any person controlling the insurer;
     (b) the identity of every member of the insurance holding company system;
     (c) existing relationships, transactions currently outstanding between the insurer and its affiliates, and the following agreements that are in force:
     (i) loans, other investments, or purchases, sales, or exchanges of securities of the affiliates by the insurer or of the insurer by its affiliates;
     (ii) purchases, sales, or exchanges of assets;
     (iii) transactions not in the ordinary course of business;
     (iv) guaranties or undertakings for the benefit of an affiliate that result in an actual contingent exposure of the insurer's assets to liability, other than insurance contracts entered into in the ordinary course of the insurer's business;
     (v) management and service contracts and cost-sharing arrangements;
     (vi) reinsurance agreements covering all or substantially all of one or more lines of insurance of the ceding company;
     (vii) dividends and other distributions to shareholders; and
     (viii) consolidated tax allocation agreements;
     (d) a pledge of the insurer's stock, including stock of a subsidiary or controlling affiliate for a loan made to a member of the insurance holding company system;
     (e) all matters concerning transactions between registered insurers and any affiliates as may be included from time to time in registration forms adopted or approved by the commissioner.
     (3) A registration statement must contain a summary outlining each item in the current registration statement that represents a change from the prior registration statement.
     (4) Information need not be disclosed on the registration statement filed pursuant to subsection (2) if the information is not material for the purposes of this section. Unless the commissioner by rule or order provides otherwise, sales, purchases, exchanges, loans or extensions of credit, or investments involving 1/2 of 1% or less of an insurer's admitted assets as of the prior December 31 are not material for purposes of this section.
     (5) A person within an insurance holding company system subject to registration shall provide complete and accurate information to an insurer if the information is reasonably necessary to enable the insurer to comply with Title 33, chapter 2, part 11.
     (6) Each registered insurer shall keep current the information required to be disclosed in its registration statement by reporting all material changes or additions on amendment forms provided by the commissioner within 15 days after the end of the month in which the registered insurer learns of each change or addition.
     (7) The ultimate controlling person of every insurer subject to registration under this section shall also file an annual enterprise risk report. The report must identify the material risks within the insurance holding company system that could pose enterprise risk to the insurer to the best of the controlling person's knowledge and belief. The report must be filed with the insurance regulator in the state in which the insurance holding company system is domiciled, as determined by the procedures within the financial analysis handbook adopted by the NAIC.
     (8) The commissioner shall terminate the registration of any insurer that demonstrates that the insurer no longer is a member of an insurance holding company system.
     (9) The commissioner may require or allow two or more affiliated insurers subject to registration under this section to file a consolidated registration statement or consolidated reports amending their consolidated registration statement or their individual registration statements.
     (10) The commissioner may allow an insurer that is authorized to do business in this state and that is part of an insurance holding company system to register on behalf of any affiliated insurer which is required to register under subsection (1) and to file all information and material required to be filed under this section.

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