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     35-1-426. Vacancy on board. (1) Unless the articles of incorporation provide otherwise, if a vacancy occurs on a board of directors, including a vacancy resulting from an increase in the number of directors:
     (a) the shareholders may fill the vacancy;
     (b) the board of directors may fill the vacancy; or
     (c) if the members of the board of directors remaining in office constitute fewer than a quorum of the board, they may fill the vacancy by the affirmative vote of a majority of all the directors remaining in office.
     (2) If the vacant office was held by a director elected by a voting group of shareholders, only the holders of shares of that voting group are entitled to vote to fill the vacancy if it is filled by the shareholders.
     (3) A vacancy that will occur at a specific later date, by reason of a resignation effective at a later date under 35-1-423 or otherwise, may be filled before the vacancy occurs. However, the new director may not take office until the vacancy occurs.

     History: En. Sec. 84, Ch. 368, L. 1991.

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