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     35-10-506. Partner's application to discharge attachment -- undertaking. (1) If a writ of attachment is levied upon the interest in a partnership of one or more of the partners, the other partners who are not defendants in the action or any of them may, at any time before final judgment, apply to the judge who granted the writ or to the court, upon an affidavit showing the facts, for an order to discharge the attachment as to that interest.
     (2) Upon an application, the applicant shall give an undertaking, with at least two sufficient sureties, to the effect that they will pay to the sheriff, on demand, the amount of any judgment that may be recovered against the partner who is defendant in the action or that may be recovered against that partner in any other action in which the other partners are not defendants and in which a writ of attachment or an execution may come into the sheriff's hands at any time before the writ of attachment that was levied is vacated and annulled, not exceeding the sum specified in the undertaking, which may not be less than the value of the interest of the defendant in the partnership as fixed by the court or judge. If, in the opinion of the court or judge, the value is uncertain, the sum must be an amount that the court or judge determines. For the purpose of fixing the sum or to determine the sufficiency of its sureties, the court or judge may receive affidavits or oral testimony or may direct a reference.

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