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     35-10-718. Filing amendment to registration of limited liability partnership -- issuance of certificate. (1) An application for amended registration of a limited liability partnership must be filed with the secretary of state and must include:
     (a) the complete limited liability partnership name prior to adoption of the amendment;
     (b) the complete new limited liability partnership name, if applicable;
     (c) the business mailing address of the limited liability partnership;
     (d) if the name of any partner to a limited liability partnership is to be changed, the new name of the partner;
     (e) if a partner withdraws or dies, a statement that the person has withdrawn or died;
     (f) a statement that the amended registration of limited liability partnership supersedes the original registration and all amendments to the original registration; and
     (g) all other information determined by the secretary of state to be necessary to support an application.
     (2) If the secretary of state finds that the application for amended registration of a limited liability partnership complies with this part and that all applicable fees have been paid, the secretary of state shall:
     (a) endorse on the application for amendment the word "filed" and the date on which the application for amendment was filed;
     (b) file the original application for amendment in the secretary of state's office; and
     (c) issue to the limited liability partnership a certificate of amendment.
     (3) If the limited liability partnership fails to comply with the requirements of this section, the secretary of state shall cancel the registration.

     History: En. Sec. 25, Ch. 26, L. 2011.

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