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     35-15-304. Directors and officers. (1) Directors of associations organized under this chapter shall be elected by the stockholders and hold their office for such period of time as shall be provided in the bylaws.
     (2) The board of directors, who shall exercise the corporate powers invested in such association, shall consist of not less than three as fixed by the bylaws of the association.
     (3) The officers of the association shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, and such others as may be designated by the bylaws to be elected by the stockholders or by the board of directors, as provided by the bylaws.
     (4) Only stockholders shall be elected directors, and only directors shall be elected president or vice-president. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be combined and the combined office designated as secretary-treasurer.
     (5) The bylaws may provide that the territory in which the association has stockholders shall be divided into districts and that the directors shall be elected according to such districts, in which case the bylaws may specify the number of directors to be elected by each district and the manner and method of reapportioning the directors and of redistricting the territory covered by the association. The bylaws may provide that primary elections be held in each district by the stockholders residing therein to elect the directors apportioned to such districts with the result of all such primary elections to be ratified by the stockholders at the next regular meeting of the association.

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