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     35-16-212. Association operating two or more enterprises in different parts of state -- control by delegates. (1) An agricultural association or company, either cooperative stock or nonprofit nonstock, existing on July 1, 1921, or organized under the laws of Montana after that date may own and operate two or more cooperative enterprises in different parts of the state and may exercise and possess the following powers by providing in their articles of incorporation or in their bylaws that:
     (a) all powers of the association members or stockholders must be exercised by duly elected delegates at any meeting of delegates that may be called. They shall elect officers and transact business in the same manner that the association members or stockholders are empowered to do. The officers and board of directors that the delegates may elect must be known as "general officers" or "general board of directors".
     (b) stockholders or members of the cooperative stock or nonprofit nonstock agricultural associations or companies must be grouped into locals in the districts that the general board of directors may from time to time direct;
     (c) each local, with territorial limits as determined by the general board of directors, shall elect from among its stockholders or members one delegate and one alternate to represent the local at any meeting of the association or company. The delegate and alternate shall serve for 1 year. The alternate shall serve as delegate at all meetings where the delegate may not be in attendance.
     (d) each delegate may have only one vote, regardless of the number of stockholders or members that the delegate represents.
     (2) Nothing in this section limits the powers of the board of directors of any corporation.

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