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     35-17-312. Officers -- election -- bank as treasurer. (1) The directors shall elect from their number a president and one or more vice presidents. They shall also elect a secretary and treasurer who need not be directors, and they may combine the two latter offices and designate the combined office as secretary-treasurer. The treasurer may be a bank or any depositary, in which case it may not be considered an officer but instead a function of the board of directors, and the secretary shall perform the usual accounting duties of the treasurer, except that the funds must be deposited only as authorized by the board of directors.
     (2) (a) If the bylaws provide, the directors may also elect from their number a presiding officer and one or more vice presiding officers, in which case the president and vice presidents need not be directors or stockholders.
     (b) Any other officer may be chosen as provided in the bylaws.

     History: En. Sec. 13, Ch. 233, L. 1921; re-en. Sec. 6440, R.C.M. 1921; re-en. Sec. 6440, R.C.M. 1935; R.C.M. 1947, 14-413; amd. Sec. 8, Ch. 130, L. 1999.

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