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     35-2-1112. Certificate of existence. (1) A person may apply to the secretary of state to furnish a certificate of existence for a domestic or foreign corporation.
     (2) The certificate of existence must set forth:
     (a) the domestic corporation's corporate name or the foreign corporation's corporate name used in this state;
     (b) (i) that the domestic corporation is incorporated under the laws of this state, the date of its incorporation, and the period of its duration if less than perpetual; or
     (ii) that the foreign corporation is authorized to transact business in this state;
     (c) that all fees, taxes, and penalties owed to this state have been paid, if:
     (i) payment is reflected in the records of the secretary of state; and
     (ii) nonpayment affects the good standing of the domestic or foreign corporation;
     (d) that its most recent annual report required by 35-2-904 has been delivered to the secretary of state;
     (e) that articles of dissolution have not been filed; and
     (f) other facts of record in the office of the secretary of state that may be requested by the applicant.
     (3) Subject to any qualification stated in the certificate, a certificate of existence issued by the secretary of state may be relied upon as conclusive evidence that the domestic or foreign corporation is in good standing in this state.

     History: En. Sec. 13, Ch. 411, L. 1991.

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