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     35-20-307. Title to funds vest in court when no application made for appointment or entire board is vacant -- appointment by court -- accounting. (1) In the case of the failure of the trustees of such an association to make application to the judge of said district court for the appointment of a board of trustees of such fund, as provided in 35-20-302, or in the case of the death, removal, resignation, or disability of all of the members of such board, the rights, titles, interests, authorities, powers, franchises, and trusts, until the appointment and qualification of a new board of trustees of such fund, shall vest in the district court of the county in which such cemetery, or the greater part thereof, shall be situated.
     (2) In such cases such trustee or such board of trustees of such fund shall be appointed by the district court of said county upon application of any person interested and upon notice of other persons interested, as the judge of said court may order. The trustee or trustees appointed by the judge of said court under the provisions of this section shall have the same rights, powers, authorities, and franchises as the trustee or trustees appointed under any other sections of this chapter.
     (3) Such trustee or such board of trustees must annually, or more often if so required by order of such court, file in the office of the clerk of the district court of the county where such cemetery is situated a duly verified account showing a detailed statement of all moneys collected, of all securities on hand, together with all moneys disbursed during the preceding year. Any interested party may apply to the district court for an order requiring such trustee or such board of trustees to make such an accounting at any time.
     (4) Any owner of an interest in any lot in the cemetery cared for by such trust, any trustee of the cemetery association, and any trustee of the trust fund shall have the right to make any application to the court provided for in this chapter.

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