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     35-21-820. Map or plat -- filing -- tax exemption. (1) Each mausoleum-columbarium authority, from time to time as its property may be required for interment purposes, shall prepare a map or plat that delineates the sections, halls, rooms, corridors, elevations, outdoor mausoleums, urn gardens, and other divisions with descriptive names or numbers.
     (2) The mausoleum-columbarium authority shall file the map or plat in the office of the clerk and recorder of the county in which all or a portion of the property is situated. The mausoleum-columbarium authority shall also file for record in the county clerk's office a written declaration of dedication of the property delineated on the map or plat dedicating the property exclusively to interment purposes.
     (3) Upon the filing of the map or plat and the filing of the declaration for record, the dedication is complete for all purposes. After filing, the property and all mausoleums and columbariums constructed on and burial plots located in the property must be held, occupied, and used exclusively for interment purposes and are exempt from all state, county, and municipal taxes to the same extent as cemetery property intended to be used for the burial of the human dead by ground interment.
     (4) Any part or subdivision of the property mapped and plotted may, by order of the directors, be resurveyed and altered in shape and size and an amended map or plat filed, so long as the change does not disturb the interred remains of any deceased person.

     History: En. Sec. 9, Ch. 283, L. 1999.

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