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     35-21-846. Plans for general care and endowment care. (1) The mausoleum-columbarium authority may from time to time adopt plans for the general care, maintenance, and embellishment of its mausoleum-columbarium and charge and collect from all subsequent purchasers of plots reasonable sums as, in the judgment of the mausoleum-columbarium authority, will aggregate a fund, the reasonable income from which will provide reasonable care, maintenance, and embellishment.
     (2) Upon payment of the purchase price and the amount fixed as a proportionate contribution for endowment care, there may be included in the deed of conveyance or in a separate instrument an agreement to care, in accordance with the plan adopted, for the mausoleum or columbarium and its appurtenances to the proportionate extent that the income received by the mausoleum-columbarium authority from the contribution will permit.
     (3) Upon the application of the owner of any plot and upon the payment by the owner of the amount fixed as a reasonable and proportionate contribution for endowment care, a mausoleum-columbarium authority may enter into an agreement with the owner for the care of the owner's plot and its appurtenances.

     History: En. Sec. 22, Ch. 283, L. 1999.

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