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     35-8-906. Articles of termination. (1) At any time after dissolution and winding up, a limited liability company may terminate its existence by filing with the secretary of state articles of termination stating:
     (a) the name of the limited liability company;
     (b) the reason for filing the articles of termination;
     (c) the effective date of the articles of termination, which must be a date certain, if they are not to be effective upon the filing;
     (d) the name of the agent or agents authorized to receive service of process after dissolution or termination of the limited liability company;
     (e) the name of the person or persons authorized to wind up the business and authorized to execute documents on behalf of the limited liability company;
     (f) the date of the dissolution; and
     (g) that the company's business has been wound up and the legal existence of the company has been terminated.
     (2) The existence of a limited liability company is terminated upon the filing of the articles of termination or upon a later effective date, if specified in the articles of termination.

     History: En. Sec. 51, Ch. 120, L. 1993; amd. Sec. 41, Ch. 302, L. 1999.

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