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     41-5-1521. Restitution. (1) In determining whether restitution, as authorized by 41-5-1304, 41-5-1512, or 41-5-1513, is appropriate in a particular case, the following factors may be considered in addition to any other evidence:
     (a) the age of the youth;
     (b) the ability of the youth to pay;
     (c) the ability of the parents, guardian, or those that contributed to the youth's delinquency or need for intervention to pay;
     (d) the amount of damage to the victim; and
     (e) legal remedies of the victim. However, the ability of the victim or the victim's insurer to stand any loss may not be considered.
     (2) Restitution paid by a youth is subject to subrogation as provided in 46-18-248.

     History: En. Sec. 32, Ch. 550, L. 1997; amd. Sec. 76, Ch. 550, L. 1997.

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