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     42-2-214. Duties of department. (1) The department shall:
     (a) prescribe a registration form for the information that a putative father submits under 42-2-205; and
     (b) make the registration forms available through:
     (i) the department;
     (ii) each clerk of a district court; and
     (iii) each local health department.
     (2) A notice provided by the department that informs the public about the purpose and operation of the registry must be posted in a conspicuous place by each:
     (a) clerk of a district court;
     (b) driver's examination station of the motor vehicle division of the department of justice;
     (c) local health department; and
     (d) county clerk and recorder.
     (3) The notice under subsection (2) must include information regarding:
     (a) where to obtain a registration form;
     (b) where to register;
     (c) the circumstances under which a putative father is required to register;
     (d) the period under 42-2-206 during which a putative father is required to register in order to entitle the putative father to receive notice of an adoption;
     (e) the information that must be provided for the registry and what other actions the putative father is required to take to preserve a right to notice;
     (f) the consequences of not submitting a timely registration; and
     (g) the penalties for filing a false claim with the putative father registry.

     History: En. Secs. 27, 28, Ch. 480, L. 1997.

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