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     42-2-217. Registry search -- request -- affidavit. (1) The following persons may at any time request that the department search the registry to determine whether a putative father is registered in relation to a child who is or may be the subject of a proceeding to terminate parental rights:
     (a) a representative of the department;
     (b) a representative of an agency when the agency is or may be arranging an adoption;
     (c) a prospective adoptive parent or an attorney representing a prospective adoptive parent in a direct parental placement adoption who has the notarized consent of the birth mother; or
     (d) any woman who is the subject of a registration.
     (2) Upon request of a person listed in subsection (1), the department shall submit an affidavit pursuant to the requirements of subsections (4) and (5).
     (3) A request for information about a registration from the department must be in writing.
     (4) Not later than 5 days after receiving a request for a registry search, the department shall submit an affidavit to the requestor verifying whether a putative father has registered within the period allowed under 42-2-206 in relation to a mother whose child or expected child is the subject of the termination proceeding.
     (5) Whenever the department finds that one or more putative fathers are registered, the department shall:
     (a) submit a copy of each registration form with the department's affidavit; and
     (b) include in the affidavit the date that the department representative, agency, or attorney submitted the request for the search.
     (6) A court may not issue an order terminating parental rights unless the department's affidavit under subsection (5) is filed with the court.

     History: En. Sec. 31, Ch. 480, L. 1997; amd. Sec. 3, Ch. 257, L. 1999.

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