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     45-5-231. Definitions. As used in 45-5-231 through 45-5-234, unless the context requires otherwise, the following definitions apply:
     (1) "Assault on a partner or family member" has the meaning provided in 45-5-206 for partner or family member assault.
     (2) "Chemical dependency treatment" means required counseling and treatment related to chemical dependency issues.
     (3) "Counseling" means professional counseling as defined in 37-23-102 and includes group counseling for the purposes of 45-5-231 through 45-5-234.
     (4) "Investigative criminal justice report" means the investigative report prepared by a law enforcement agency associated with an offender's arrest for an assault on a partner or family member, excluding any confidential information relating to the victim's location and confidential information not related to the offense.
     (5) "Offender" means a person convicted of an assault on a partner or family member.
     (6) "Offender intervention program" means the combination of counseling and other services that is organized in a judicial district to provide a preliminary assessment for counseling and other services that are required for an offender.
     (7) "Preliminary assessment for counseling" means the counseling assessment completed by a counselor to determine an offender's need for counseling, attendance at psychoeducational groups, and referrals for other treatment. This assessment must be completed either before or within 4 weeks after counseling and psychoeducational groups are started.
     (8) "Psychoeducational group" means a group discussion, with instructional content themes, that encourages sharing and feedback, increases self-awareness, and is aimed at facilitating change in group members' daily lives.
     (9) "Recreational intoxicant" means a substance, drug, or other chemical that was taken for the purpose of causing a person to be in a different emotional or psychological state and was not taken for a medically recognized therapeutic purpose.
     (10) "Victim" means a person against whom the offender committed an assault.

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 503, L. 2001.

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