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     45-9-116. Imitation dangerous drugs -- exemptions -- rules. (1) Sections 45-9-111 through 45-9-115 do not apply to:
     (a) a person authorized by rules adopted by the board of pharmacy to possess with purpose to sell or sell imitation dangerous drugs;
     (b) law enforcement personnel selling or possessing with purpose to sell imitation dangerous drugs while acting within the scope of their employment; and
     (c) a person registered under the provisions of Title 50, chapter 32, part 3, who sells, or possesses with purpose to sell an imitation dangerous drug for use as a placebo, by that person or any other person so registered, in the course of professional practice or research.
     (2) The board of pharmacy shall adopt, amend, or repeal rules in accordance with the Montana Administrative Procedure Act to authorize the possession with purpose to sell or sale of imitation dangerous drugs whenever it determines that there is a legitimate need and that the drugs will be used for a lawful purpose.

     History: En. Sec. 6, Ch. 451, L. 1983; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 247, L. 1983; amd. Sec. 20, Ch. 3, L. 1985.

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